CMA Group

CMA – Consultoria, Métodos, Assessoria e Mercantil S/A is a Brazilian multinational company involved in developing high-tech solutions for the financial, commodities, finance education, telecommunications and data center markets since 1973. The company is headquartered in Brazil with nine subsidiaries there in addition to subsidiaries in the United States, other Latin American countries and Europe and customers in thirty-five countries.



CMA’s mission is to supply technology solutions by integrating information, software and communication systems to support so our customers may achieve greater competitivity.



Worldwide recognition as a supplier specializing in integrated technology solutions for the financial, agricultural and livestock telecommunications and data center markets.



As a corporate group, we focus on what is essential: identifying opportunities and solving problems for our customers.  Our greatest asset is people’s knowledge and creativity and we seek goals of mutual interest with enthusiastic contributions from each individual.

Simplicity is the basic rule in our organizational structure, processes and procedures.

Our responsibilities demand irreproachable standards of moral and ethical conduct vis-à-vis our clients, suppliers, co-workers, the government and society as a whole.