Data Feed

The CMA system runs as modules that perform auto-updating in real or delayed time of sites, portals, intranets, ERP systems and any other software client-owned applications, guaranteeing the best user experience and reliable information 24 hours a day. The modules are technologically flexible and adapt to the client’s own technology situation.

An innovative, modern platform geared to creating and maintaining pages on websites, intranets, extranets and blogs with updated data in real time in a completely secure environment without the cost drawbacks of investing in infrastructure.

  • The pages can also be fed by client or third-party content automatically in real time or delayed time.
  • The system creates pages that are 100% responsive in terms of screen resolutions.
  • It features an incomparable widget library that may be personalized to suit individual needs.

Widget Library

·         Quotes Windows ·         Detailled News Coverage ·         About
·         Quotes Windows with Tabs ·         CMA Top Chart Graph ·         Web Browser
·         Quotes Details ·         Area Graph ·         HTML
·         Ticker ·         CMA Chart ·         Navigation Menu
·         Symbol Search ·         CMA Chart Mini ·         Login
·         Highlights ·         Comparables Chart ·         Multi Widget
·         Book of Offers ·         Currency Converter ·         Button
·         Trades Completed ·         Unit Converter ·         Agricultural Unit Converter
·         Ranking of Offers ·         Map ·         Historical Data
·         News ·         YouTube (Videos) ·         Investment Simulator

Customized global content for each project

  • Stocks
  • Derivatives (Options, Forwards and Futures): financial, agricultural, energy and metals
  • Fixed income government securities and private sector bonds
  • Currencies
  • Investment Funds
  • OTC
  • Physical Market (agricultural and energy, among others)
  • Specialized news coverage (financial, agricultural and sectoral)
  • Market and fundamental analysis

Example of financial layout


Example of agriculture layout