Business Units


The CMA Mercados unit is a leader and pioneer in developing and implementing innovative real time technology solutions for information, analysis and electronic transaction systems for financial and agricultural, metals and energy commodity markets. Its comprehensive package of solutions meet the most varied types of demand for information and strategic systems that can trade simultaneously across global markets at high frequency with very low latency.


SAFRAS & Mercado is the leading consulting company for Brazilian agricultural and livestock business.  It tracks daily the soya, corn, cotton, coffee, sugar and alcohol, cattle, pig, rice, beans and bioenergy markets, providing  a range of service levels that bolster decision making by players in the different agriculture and livestock segments. SAFRAS has the most complete historical database of Brazilian agribusiness in existence. It is the international reference for agricultural forecasting and scenarios and also tracks in real time all relevant market movements through the Agência SAFRAS news desk’s team of specialized reporters.  SAFRAS & Mercado is the leader in providing courses, conferences and seminar on local commodities to thousands of customers a year.


Agencia CMA News specializes in producing real time news reports that clarify the movement of financial markets in Brazil, Latin American and around the world. With its in-house team of news reporters, the agency is a strategic decision-making tool at the disposal of bankers, brokers, resource managers, investors, company administrators, the government and professionals in corporations across the business map. Its news coverage includes hundreds of daily news items in Portuguese and Spanish on the Brazilian and international market with an emphasis on macro-economics, policy, public companies and business outlook by sector.  It also covers market “temperature” with forecasts from specialists in addition to exclusive interviews and analyses with market participants.


CMA Connect offers end-to-end, customized telecommunications and data center solutions, both in Brazil and abroad, to companies across all market segments.  These services are designed to run with maximum quality, security and reliability to meet the challenging requirements of mission-critical environments.  Its core offering are a proprietary telecommunications fiber optic and radio frequency network that extends to the main Brazilian state capitals and transmits voice, data and images with very low latency and data centers located in Brazil, Latin America and the United States. These data centers feature total physical and logical security for hosting software and equipment with high availability, scalability and fully fail-safe performance with active process, network and equipment management  24/7 365 days.

CMA Connect has been allowed by ANATEL to provide multimedia communication services and is approved by BM&FBOVESPA as a provider of communication links for trading, quoting and monitoring environments on collocated servers over the stock market communication network.  It also implements convergence-focused projects for voice, data and image networks over LANs and WANs using a wide variety of available technologies, keeping in mind the best cost/benefit outcome for the customer.