Data Feed

CMA Data Feed is a service oriented to feed front to back office applications.

Whatever client’s requirements are, such as High frequency e-trading with low latency, algorithmic trading, Home Brokers, ERP and back-office systems, websites, intranet, web portals, data bases and any proprietary systems that need global financial market data. Our Market Global coverage in:

  • Financial – Economic indicators (Indexes, currencies and crypto currencies, macro and micro economic indicators, stocks, options, fixed income, interest rates and security lending information)
  • Agricultural – (Soybean, corn, cotton, coffee, sugar & ethanol, wheat, live cattle, poultry, pork, rice, beans, and bioenergy)
  • Metals – (precious and non-precious metals)
  • Energy – (Oil, gas and others)
  • News – (Politics, economic, financial markets, sectorial, agribusiness, among other topics)
  • Market analysis
  • Extensive historical data base

State of the art technology used to provide and distribute information globally

CMA Data Feed provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for easy implementation and integration to third party software, providing high reliability in the distribution of the information to different applications and also allowing the customer to provide their own proprietary data for distribution and storage.

Available interfaces using CMA Data feed:

  • Webservice
  • TCP Protocol
  • FIX Protocol
  • Databases: SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL
  • Files, text format, CSV, XML among others
  • FTP
  • Historical database
  • Charts
  • Quotes in real time, delayed or End-of-Day delivery methods

Available interfaces for integration with proprietary client’s market data into CMA Data feed:

  • Contributing via Excel spreadsheet
  • Contributing News and Quotes via CMA proprietory protocol
  • Contributing News and Quotes via CMA Terminal
  • Display of proprietary Quotes and News via main CMA systems and APIs CMA Data Feed

Example of financial layout

Example of agriculture layout