Social and Environmental Responsibility

CMA Group understands that social and environmental responsibility must be part of the collective and individual position of its co-workers through practices that benefit society and the environment and improves quality of life.

 Some of initiatives supported by CMA Group:

CAMACC – Support for Children with Cancer

A charitable, non-profit association that seeks to support underprivileged children and adolescents who have cancer.

CMA Environmental Responsibility

CMA is continually rethinking how consumable products are consumed in daily life at work and its consequences for the environment. Together, we have adopted new individual attitudes that have given rise to collective results with a direct impact on preservation of the environment.  These include reducing the use of unused paper for printing and copying; using recycled paper; generating electricity through solar powered photovoltaic cells and using recycled water for temperature control of the data center from an in-house rainwater capture and processing system at CMA headquarters in Sao Paulo.