Terminals, Home Broker and Mobility

The CMA module system is designed for national and international markets:

  • Stocks
  • Derivatives (Options, Forwards and Futures): financial, agricultural, energy and metals
  • Fixed income government securities and private sector bonds
  • Investment Funds
  • Currencies
  • OTC
  • Physical Market(agricultural and energy, among others)

The CMA module system updates quotes in real time from the Brazilian and international exchanges,  currencies, indices and economic indicators, specialized news and analyses of markets and companies.The CMA module system also enables high-frequency algorithmic online trading using our VWAP, TWAP, Best Offer, VP, SpreadMarker, and VOL, among others.

CMA Terminal Module

CMA Home Broker Module

The Most Complete Window on Investments on the Market

The new CMA Home Broker: A one-stop shop on investment platform.

Fixed Income

  • Private Sector fixed Income securities (LCI, LCA, CRI, CRA, CDB, COE, Debentures and more)
  • Government Securities (LTN, LFT, NTN-B, NTN-B Principal, NTN-F)
  • Integration with Tesouro Direto (the Brazilian Treasury’s online marketplace)

Contents and Special Tools

  • Agencia CMA: news in real time that explain market movement
  • Indicators (macro- and micro-economic) and currencies
  • Powerful analytical graph system: intuitive, complete and flexible (for beginner and advanced users)
  • Exclusive iTrade module: sends out alerts and operations’ suggestions to brokers’ clients
  • Social network integration that expands contact with clients

Variable Income

  • Stocks, Options and Futures

Total Business Mobility

  • Integrated with smartphones and tablets
  • Push technology messaging

Investment Funds and Clubs

CMA Mobility Module