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Complete Buy-Side Solutions

Mutibroker electronic trading systems that give Buy-side operational freedom with its different Sell-side partners using their own high-frequency, low latency execution algorithms and strategies.

Total Data Availability

Automatically feed your ERP, CRM, AI, BI and websites with reliable stock and market data. Through Market Data and cloud data access, CMA connects customers to useful information that drives profitability.

Algorithms for high-frequency operations

Establish your rules and determine how the robot should generate profitability by negotiating a large volume of thetives.SolutionAgile and reliable,allows to operate with standardized market algorithms (Black box) or with own strategies (good White). System that operates on a high frequency basis with extremely low latency

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Send orders to various brokers

The CMA offers solutions that processm, simultaneously, orders from multiple terminals of thecustomers, integrated via the FIX protocol. With this system you get managerial reports, and execute rules and trading strategies made by algorithms. All with maximum speed and accuracy.

Monitor the market in real time

Track the movements of markets that directlyaffect stocks, funds, foreign exchanges, B3, currency exchange, currency, interest and assets.Fundamental content for those who operatehigh demand of orders, THE CMA Agency provides 24×7 access to available minute-by-minute news that help with strategies and decisions.

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From Buy-Side to end customer

In addition to the complete system dedicated to institutional investors, brokers, banks, ASSETS and traders, CMA delivers to the customers buy-side quotaholder panel. Personalized system, with login and password for the consultation of General information, volume and quotas of funds, made by their customers.