About Us

CMA Consultoria, Métodos, Assessoria e Mercantil S/A is a Brazilian multinational company involved in developing high-tech solutions for the financial, commodities, finance education, telecommunications and data center markets since 1973. The company is headquartered in Brazil with nine subsidiaries there in addition to subsidiaries in the United States, other Latin American countries and Europe and customers in thirty-five countries.


CMA’s mission is to provide technological solutions by integrating information, software, and communication systems to help our customers achieve a competitive edge.


Worldwide recognition as a supplier specializing in integrated technology solutions for the financial, agricultural, and livestock telecommunications and data center markets.


As a corporate group, we focus on what is essential: identifying opportunities and solving problems for our customers. Our greatest asset is people’s knowledge and creativity and we seek goals of mutual interest with enthusiastic contributions from each individual.

Simplicity is the basic rule in our organizational structure, processes, and procedures.

Our responsibilities demand irreproachable standards of moral and ethical conduct vis-à-vis our clients, suppliers, co-workers, the government, and society as a whole.

Business Units

SAFRAS & Mercado is the leading consulting company for Brazilian agricultural and livestock business. It tracks daily the soya, corn, cotton, coffee, sugar and alcohol, cattle, pig, rice, beans and bioenergy markets, providing a range of service levels that bolster decision making by players in the different agriculture and livestock segments.

SAFRAS has the most complete historical database of Brazilian agribusiness in existence. It is the international reference for agricultural forecasting and scenarios and also tracks in real time all relevant market movements through the Agência SAFRAS news desk’s team of specialized reporters. SAFRAS & Mercado is the leader in providing courses, conferences and seminar on local commodities to thousands of customers a year.

Agencia CMA News specializes in producing real time news reports that clarify the movement of financial markets in Brazil, Latin American and around the world. With its in-house team of news reporters, the agency is a strategic decision-making tool at the disposal of bankers, brokers, resource managers, investors, company administrators, the government and professionals in corporations across the business map.

Its news coverage includes hundreds of daily news items in Portuguese and Spanish on the Brazilian and international market with an emphasis on macro-economics, policy, public companies and business outlook by sector. It also covers market “temperature” with forecasts from specialists in addition to exclusive interviews and analyses with market participants.

ISO 9001

Meet our ISO 9001 certification scope

CMA has ISO 9001 certification, confirming its commitment to the quality of its processes and services. The scope of its certification covers:

  • Developing and distributing financial Market data, Order Management Systems allowing order execution and electronic trading for financial and agribusiness markets;
  • Designing, developing and supplying specialized courses on financial markets and agribusiness;
  • Developing projects for integrated telecommunication solutions and selling of telecommunication equipment;
  • Project design and multimedia communication infrastructure services;
  • Services for digitizing and transmitting documents.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

CMA Group understands that social and environmental responsibility must be part of the collective and individual position of its co-workers through practices that benefit society and the environment and improves quality of life.

Some of initiatives supported by CMA Group:

CAMACC – Support for Children with Cancer

A charitable, non-profit association that seeks to support underprivileged children and adolescents who have cancer.

CMA Environmental Responsibility

CMA is continually rethinking how consumable products are consumed in daily life at work and its consequences for the environment. Together, we have adopted new individual attitudes that have given rise to collective results with a direct impact on preservation of the environment. These include reducing the use of unused paper for printing and copying; using recycled paper; generating electricity through solar powered photovoltaic cells and using recycled water for temperature control of the data center from an in-house rainwater capture and processing system at CMA headquarters in Sao Paulo.


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