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A service designed to increase the profitability of your business

CMA, through its Safras & market unit, offers information and strategic guidance for decision-making in commercial and investment/hedge management, always thinking about increasing profitability and customer safety.

A direct and permanent channel with specialists in markets and business:

Custom business planning and real-time identification of opportunities

Monitoring the execution of strategies and operations with instant alerts and exclusive reports

Support in risk management against price fluctuations and exchange rates (protection and/or speculation), integrating operations in physical, futures, options and Counter (OTC) markets

Forecasting trends and tailored scenarios (national and international markets) for commercial and strategic planning

Track your market closely

Track fluctuations in the market and make previsand trends from the construction of The scenarios national and international markets. Be advised by analysts Experienced,that help your Commercial Planning long and short term,Tail ored for your business.

Trainings for your teams

The Safras & Market Consultants go to your company for CBusiness,trading, administration and complianceTeams, teachingNegotiation Techniques and ManagementCommercial.Are contentspecially craftedto meetyour needs,helping The company’s decision makers to make the best choices ofbuying and selling commodities.

Segmentos atendidos por SAFRAS & Mercado Consulting

• Ecuarist
• Cerealists
• Fertilizers
• Agrochemicals

• Food and beverage Industries
• Textile industry
• Machines & Equipment
• Exporters / Importers

• Banks
• Trade
• Brokerages
• Cooperatives
• Transports