Solutions for Increasing Sell-Side Competitiveness

Sell-Side professionals rely on CMA’s complete and integrated solutions to increase their productivity and operational management power. These are total security solutions that comply with the institution’s compliance rules.


• Local markets
• International markets

Complete Solutions

• Order Management
• Electronic Trading


• High frequency
• Low latency
• Pre and Post Trading Risk Control

Front Ends for Multimarket Trading

Complete fixed and mobile front end systems that cater to novice and advanced users. Dedicated terminals for institutional and retail trading desks, with modules that identify opportunities and assist in real-time decision making.

Terminals for analysis and negotiations



Public and private fixed income

Investment funds

Currencies and Futures

Agility with Own Algorithms and Strategies

Allows operations with standardized algorithms (Black box) or own strategies (White box). It promotes increased productivity and efficiency of high frequency operations with very low latency, as well as total safety and management control.

Information that makes decisions faster and more profitable

Real-time, up-to-date local and international content on stock exchanges (equities, options, derivatives and futures), currencies, agricultural physical prices, public and private fixed income, investment funds, market analysis and more.

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Efficient Customer and Electronic Trading Management

Integrated pre- and post-trading solutions for the institution’s Middle and Back-end that allow Sell-side to manage offers, trades, portfolios, positions, limits, guarantees, risk and sign-ups across its entire customer base.