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Information and analysis

Robust system for analysis and speculation

Farmers, physical brokers, and commodity traders and companies find critical information in CMA that makes them more competitive in making assertive and profitable decisions.

Connection with international markets

CMA solutions connect directly to B3 and international exchanges. It is real-time data that reveals fluctuations in the agricultural markets through charts, quotes panels, analytical reports and other modules for speculation.

Market intelligence

Robust information base connected to your systems with complete security, flexibility and operational stability. They are essential content for Marketing, BI, CRM, ERP, AI, intranets, websites and other technologies used by the customer.

Exclusive content in CMA solutions:

• Planting Statistics
• Harvest
• Production and Export

• Climate Information
• Indexes
• Coins

• Pricing Info
• News
• Reporting

Market fluctuations monitoring

Read agricultural market news from trusted sources like SAFRAS Agency, Dow Jones Agency and SAFRAS & Mercado. Also make future projections of the dollar, euro and interest rates to make better trading decisions.

Terminal exclusively

Separating and monitoring what really matters makes work more agile and efficient. To this end, CMA solutions deliver custom, preformatted layouts for each commodity with specific information.

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Mobility for analysis and trading

Purchase mobile systems for tracking and sending orders to exchanges. Track physical prices and agricultural sector content while operating physical market assets via mobile.

Reliable sources of information for each commodity

Soybeans: CBOT, B3 e Agrorates

Corn: CBOT, B3 e Agrorates


Steer: B3 e Agrorates

Coffee: ICE US, ICE Europe e Agrorates

Cotton: ICE US e Agrorates

Sugar & Ethanol: ICE US, ICE Europe e Agrorates

Rice: CBOT e Agrorates

Beans: Agrorates

Chicken: Agrorates

Swine: Agrorates

Bioenergy: Agrorates