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Volatile markets, new regulations and economic change call for reliable, up-to-date, asset-tracking solutions to assist clients in making the best possible business decisions. Focused on Treasuries, CMA’s solutions offer a mix of content in real time on Brazilian and international fixed-income securities, currencies, derivatives and stocks

Data-driven Analyses

CMA provides companies with stock-market newsfeeds and forecasts via desktops and mobile devices. These include full financial quotes and in-depth reports aimed at finance and departments looking to do their own analyses and increase business profitability.

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Content for the aid of decision makers

CMA feeds with market data , ERP system , CRM, BI, AI, chatbots, compliance, controllership, intranets and websites,in real or deferred time. Through Market Data allows access to information from World News andscholarships, in addition to prices and currencies, displayed in graphics, books, maps, Panes among other models.