Monitoring of Market volatilities

Volatile markets, new regulations and changes in the economy demand complete and modern solutions for Asset monitoring, which help in decision-making. Dedicated to Treaseries, CMA solution soffera mix of Contents, in real time, about national and international fixed income, currencies, derivatives and stocks.

Detailed analysis

CMA leads to the corporate sector fixed and mobile terminals Conectados to the scholarships, which present information about the market, in addition To undertake future projections. Are Quote sand complete Reports, useful to Treasury Departments you want to maketheir own analyses and bring greater profitability for your business.

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Content for the aid of decision makers

CMA feeds with market data , ERP system , CRM, BI, AI, chatbots, compliance, controllership, intranets and websites,in real or deferred time. Through Market Data allows access to information from World News andscholarships, in addition to prices and currencies, displayed in graphics, books, maps, Panes among other models.