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Complete access to information in the metals and energy sector

Stay connected to world grants in real time, and have full access to news, analysis of dicades to the metals and energy sector, currency quotes. Supply your system with informationReliable,that explain and positively influence their actionsof decision.

Automatic content Sourcing

By means of automatic feeding, CMA connects information about quotes Dand gold, silver, copper and other metals versus the Dólar, Real, and and more currencies from several countries.Are real-time quotes provided by unique sources, including the Xinhua , in as well as expert analysis for the energy and metals sector.


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Quotes and data

• Electricity
• Metals
• Gas
• Oil
• Biofuels
• Fertilizers
• Transport


Main sources

• CME Group
• BM&F
• Xinhua
• Mornigstar
• Argus

Terminal For detailed analysis

With the CMA Series 4 terminal You accompany the market with a mix of content in real time, and monitors prices of metals versus currency, World bags through of 21 complete and high-tech modules, developed to boost your trading strategies.

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Information where it is and in real time

Keep track of international stock quotes through mobile and real-timesolutions. Are detailed information Dand Metals provided by Xinhua News agency, and various content dedicated to PapisActivein the segment ofMetals and energy.