Non Professional

Integrated and complete investor solutions

CMA brings non-professional investors real-time electronic trading and analysis systems that identify opportunities. These are solutions used by scalpers and traders, with intelligently organized information, and facilitate market monitoring.

Market Anticipation Terminal

Solution with graphical module, cross & ranking, on-screen calculations of quotes, times & sales and alarms. Complete system that allows you to monitor all agents and volumes operated to anticipate changes in intraday market movements.

Stock Quotes

indices and indicators




News Explaining Market Movements

Monitor markets with advantages

CMA solutions enable investors to actively monitor markets through reports and tools that reveal:

  • Most Agent-Traded Assets
  • Biggest ups and downs in the Bovespa Market and Index
  • Business and Volumes by Agent
  • Accrued Business by Agent
  • Agent and asset cross business
  • Top buyers and sellers by asset / contract
  • Business Summary by Average Prices

High Performance for Electronic Trading

Desktop and mobile terminals with Data Center infrastructure and modern communications network that support high trading frequencies with very low latency in order routing. Trading slips can be opened by various terminal modules.

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News Explaining Market Movements

Understand what causes stock movements in B3, currencies (dollar and euro) and interest rates (DI). Offering full access to information, read reliable stories in Portuguese, English and Spanish, which increase your bargaining power.

Real time market explanation

Focus on explaining market movements

Own and specialized team of journalists

Best stock, dollar, and interest (DI) coverage